Head Porting
 Porting Books:

Nascar Engine Secrets
3 time pole winning Winston Cup engine builder tells all. This is the most talked about racing book on the web. With unlimited phone support, the choice on getting this package is a no-brainer.

Hidden Head Porting Secrets
This record holding engine builder walks you; step by step through the fine art of hidden head porting. This ebook is perfect for circle track or drag racing, (where rules state no porting). Tips on reworking aluminum and cast iron.

Porting the Holley Carb
Step by step instructions on how to port your own Holley carburetor. Find out what the big companies don't want you to know. Save big money by doing it yourself.



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 Porting Interviews:

Porting by The Numbers
Darin Morgan (Head of cylinder head development at Reher Morrison) was a real joy to interview. With his motto being "There are no secrets", there's no question he won't answer. Darin gives quite a few formulas for calculating port dimensions.

Porting Professor
Joe Mondello is owner of the Mondello Technical School & professor of it's porting class. Chevrolet performance cylinder heads still utilize the identical combustion chamber, which Joe designed in the early 1960's known as the "Posi-Flow" chamber. Joe Mondello designed open chamber big and small block Chevy cylinder heads and pistons long before Chevy did.

Flow Theory
Harold Bettes is a Senior Vice President at SuperFlow, and after talking to him I realize, an airflow junky. He is closely involved with two very exciting events, the Advanced Engine Technology Conference and the Engine Masters Challenge.

Intake Manifold Science
Jim McFarland is a true legend in the industry - it seems like he's done it all. Here's just a few; publisher at Hot Rod magazine, VP of R&D at Edelbrock and the engineering consultant at Hedman Headers. Jim has also been SEMA person of the year and elected to their hall of fame.